Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nike SB Dunk Low "Space Tiger"

This upcoming Nike SB Dunk apparently takes inspiration from the World Industries skate deck “Space Tiger” designed for/by Randy Colvin. The Space Tiger board was really cool because the designers used velvet flocking on the board which gave it the feel of the black light poster’s from the 70’s.

Nike SB Dunk High Blue Denim/Brown/Pink

Damn, SB keeps coming up with some fire for the second half of '08.

Nike SB Dunk Mid Aqua/Black

These are being released the second half of this year. They are a great colorway for a mid. Keep your eyes out for these at UNITE.

A Video of Young Hillary Clinton

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lil Wayne featuring Jay Z - Mr. Carter

Thanks Dukes.  

Wii Fit, I missed the boat

I always wanted a personal trainer. 

I couldn't afford one, and I didn't want to re-arrange my schedule. 

Nintendo has created a personal trainer that is for your home.  
It is for the Nintendo Wii and it is called Wii Fit.  

I can do TREE POSE now and measure how well I perform.  

I forgot to pre-order a Wii Fit so I have to search far and wide for one.

Wale - The Mixtape About Nothing

Click on the link to download the music.
Wale - The Mixtape About Nothing 
Thank's to Just Blaze.

BlackStar - What's Beef?!

BlackStar's first album really defines why I like Hip Hop. To me Hip Hop is a journey of word play that highlights intrinsic societal malfunctions and makes them available to a wider audience. I do not want to downplay the inherent artistic integrity, because it is prevalent throughout this form of music. (thanks to BlackStar fan)

On another note, I am sick of S.A.W.K.'s (stupid ass white kids) trying to make a joke about freestyle Hip Hop.

Don't get me wrong I like Flight of the Conchords because they make stuff like this:

Hey Kiwi's leave Hip Hop alone.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Talib Kweli speaking his mind about Clinton

Here's a little gift from Black Star's finest.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Black Kids: The 80's Nickelodeon Band we all wanted?

With all of their wide eyed exuberance The Black Kids seem intent on breaking the blog critic approved curse by successfully incorporating vocals that sound eerily like The Cure, guitar licks that are similar to Arcade Fire and a look that's more similar to the cast of a Nickelodeon teen show then an angst filled indie band. All of these qualities are not just formulas for success but rather elements that The Black Kids may utilize to becoming house hold names in the immediate future. Their download format MySpace exclusive debut EP released last year "Wizard of Ahhhs" was immediately hailed as an excellent take on pop classics. Their live shows (mostly their now legendary set at the Athens Pop Fest) are praised for their endless energy. All that's left for The Black Kids to do now is finish what they started. The single "Hurricane Jane" (also on their EP) from their new album releasing in June "Partie Traumatic", seems like a good place to start.

Wale and 10.Deep: The Mixtape About Nothing

This week 10. Deep joins with D.C. naitive Wale to present "The Mixtape about Nothing" a tribute to the greatest program ever to be broadcasted through a cathode ray tube.

The Seinfeldian mix will be available for free download on on and this coming Friday. Also available will be the limited edition "Serenity Now!" Tee (If you watch the show, you get the reference) for purchase at the 10 Spot. Each purchase made for the first week of June will come with a hard copy of the mixtape.

The Cool Kids - Black Mags

The Cool Kids are bringing back hip-hop to it's heyday...late 80's early 90's.  Catch them this summer on the Rock the Bells tour.

Mars, now available in Hi-Res Color

The Phoenix Mars Lander, which completed a heart-stopping, autonomous landing on the Martian surface on Sunday, has begun beaming pictures the millions of miles back to Earth.  Thank you: WIRED

Flight of the Conchords

I started watching Jermaine and Brett about half way through their first season on HBO.  I do love the show.  All the episodes are not brilliant but some of them are so good you might have a semi-permanent smile after you watch.  Their self-titled full length album was released recently, I suggest you get it.  While you are on your consumer binge get the first season on DVD also.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You Walk Wrong

You walk wrong.  Look, it's not your fault.  It's your shoes.  Shoes are bad....

Nike SB "Concepts Lobster" Dunk

Concepts will be releasing their collaborative Nike SB "Lobster" Dunk on Saturday, May 31st.  The shoe, inspired by the seafood heritage of New England, will be available in a limited edition set.  The first 200 pairs, which include the limited packaging, come equipped with a lobster claw rubber band, a tee shirt, a condiment box, and a poster.  The special pack will be limited to 200 pairs, and will retail for $150.  The first 50 pairs comes with a limited edition wooden box.

Since when does eating lobster and skateboarding have anything to do with each other?  Well done Concepts.  Now we know why you chose your name?!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Nike SB June 2008 Release

Available at Unite in June:  Ashbury Casino Dunk Mid, Air Zoom Harbor, and Zoom Tre. 

Ashbury Park is a city in New Jersey that has a casino that this month's Dunk Mid pays homage to.  It was much more than a casino; it housed a large theatre, a carousel, and amusements.  More recently the Casino was well known as a skatepark, but the skatepark no longer exists.

Nike SB Fuji Rod

Although this latest version of the Fuji Rod has been known for quite some time, the Hiroshi Fujiwara designed Fuji Rod has finally been given a full view as well as labeled with a solid release date....May 31st.

Newcastle Nike SB Dunk Low

The Nike SB Dunk Low "New Castle Brown Ale" is set to release in June at Unite.  Originally rumored to be a part of the Beer Pack consisting of a Mickey's Malt Liquor Dunk Hi, Dos Equis URL, Pabst Blue Ribbon Angus, and Heineken Dunk Low.  The Heineken and Angus were the only one's released. 

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