Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nike SB Releases for Fall 2008

Today we came across some new Nike SB releases over at Active. They got in a new Blazer High SB, Dunk Mid Pro SB and a Dunk Low SB. All three come with good base colors and strong summer accent colors.

Have a detailed look at all three sneakers after the jump.

Look for them at UNITE.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have been depressed with the upcoming releases from Nike SB.

My most recent sneaker pick-ups were Bamboo SB Trainer 1's and a pair of Vans Chukka Boots in silver and grey. But, this pair of SB dunks has caught my attention. The construction looks so tight. The colorway is a little flagrant but not too flagrant. I hope to see these at UNITE in the spring.

PS- July pretty much sucked at UNITE. We kinda slept a bit. No trickstar pack, no movie night, and our Art opening flopped. We hope to bring it strong in August.

Nike SB Release August 2008

Coming Soon to UNITE!

For some reason, probably due to some really boring business stuff, the UK seems to be one of the first places to get the full range of the monthly SB releases. The August batch is no different.

The release consists of the P-Rod II High white/elephant (at last), P-Rod II black/gold, Dunk High anthracite/metallic summit, Dunk Mid obsidian/red (the tie-dye Mid), Classic yellow ochre/black and Blazer azure/black.

But, before those of you in the rest of the world flex your credit cards and splash out on UK prices and international shipping, just wait, you’ll be able to get them locally very soon (apart from maybe the Dunk High, still not much info on that one regarding the release type).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nike Dunk High SB Anthracite/MTLC Summit White 2008 UNFUTURA Release

Despite this website usually often providing pretty comprehensive information on forthcoming SB releases, our spies sometimes miss the odd nugget. Such was the case when these Dunk Highs popped up on the website of UK skatestore Mischief.

Ok, they look a little, a little, similar to a certain Dunk Low from 2003 but they are not High versions. Save for that, very little appears to be known about them. At the moment that is.

People in other areas of the world may have to wait a while yet for these, since Mischief only ships to the UK.

Look for them at UNITE

Nike SB Blazer Low Vanilla/Maroon 2008

Blazers to this day have typically been on a high top and this is another introduction to a different breed of SB. Look for them at UNITE

Epicly Gino.

watching Gino push around this crappy skate park makes me want to roll around more than 99% of today's skateboarding world....."takes me a half an hour to land a five-o-grind one-eighty out." priceless....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sidewalk Sale at Unite, 7/24-7/27

Nike SB Dunk Mid Tie Dye August 2008 Release

Think a less flattering release reminiscent of HUF’s SB Dunk High release as the tie-dye theme makes a comeback this year with Nike SB. Unlike the HUF predecessor, this Dunk Mid features a larger range of colors seen in the tie-dye action, however the majority of the bold pattern is reserved for the heel and laces as the rest of the shoe is relatively tame. Look at for them at UNITE.

Main Street Motion Media presents "Movies at the Academy" 2008

Main Street Motion Media presents "Movies at the Academy" 2008. Come join us for first run independent films from Zeitgeist at The Academy of Music Theatre.

Nike SB Harbor August 2008 Release

August's Nike SB Harbor release.

Nike Paul Rodriquez 2 High Zoom Air “White Cement”.

Nike Paul Rodriquez 2 High Zoom Air “White Cement." Maybe we will see these in August at UNITE

Nike SB Blazer “Azure” | August 2008 Nike SB Preview

Here is a preview from the Nike SB August 2008 sneaker release schedule. Dropping next month is the Nike SB Blazer “Azure” which features a sea foam green nubuck upper, black swoosh, and a white sole.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Artist's stand up....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nike Waffle Trainer

This shoe looks like the Nike Cortez. It's not. There were two editions; The first was launched in 1974; The second in 1975. The second had an outsole that was flared for better stabilization. In 1975, the UCLA colourway was introduced. The waffle outsole was a result of an experiment with a waffle iron by Bill Bowerman.
Thames & Hudson


Fake Empire....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nike SB Dunk High “SHOE GOO”, August release 2008

For those looking to get just a few more sessions out of their badly beaten and destroyed skate shoes, Shoe Goo has been a great tool in prolonging the life of their sneakers. The latest Dunk High release from Nike SB this month (not originally seen in the monthly update) features the Premium Shoe Goo with texturized leather and canvas side panels. Another strong feature is the clear mid-sole. Look for them next month, in store at UNITE.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jake Johnson

I really cannot stand skateboarding these days but as far as new guys, it can't really get better than this guy.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Support Barack Obama in Style

Support Obama's campaign for president in style!


A portion of the proceeds go to Barack Obama.

Converse All-Stars

The converse all star is a classic canvas shoe that is retailed everywhere. They were first released in 1917. They are the best selling sports shoe of all-time, originally intended for basketball. Pictured above are the Dr. Romanelli edition All-Stars. A collaboration with a fine artisan.

Thames & Hudson


Adidas Centennial

These shoes were first produced in France. They are quite fresh for 80's style balling with good ankle support. The first year they were released was 1985. You could throw quite the behind-the-back pass.

Thames & Hudson


Duo-Core Dynamo Dilemma

I do appreciate my laptop computer. The Macbook Pro is one of the most significant investments of my twenties. I bought it in February of 2006. It has served me well for 2.5 years. I believe it has been an adequate performer for the tasks I set it to.

There has been three instances when this computer let me down:

1. The cd/dvd drive failed to burn media. They techs had it for two weeks.
2. When the external drive failed and I lost all of my media and docs.
3. The hard drive and logic board failed. The techs have had the computer for two weeks now.

At the moment, I have a very long paper due and I just started a new job where the use of a computer that I have tailored fit to my skill-set is necessary.

I would hope Apple would provide a computer to use whilst my computer was being repaired. I could load my backup file with time machine onto the loaner computer and it would be my tailored fit computer. I would use it for the duration of the repair. Wipe the the drive clean and return it to Apple.

This is my petition to Apple, please think about your long-time customers who have helped you build the company to its' current position.

If you are reading my entry, this is my first for a while. My computer is on lock at Apple.

I freaked out when I knew I wasn't going to get my macbook pro back. So I purchased this in a moment of weakness.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rabbit Rabbit Live at UNITE

This Friday at UNITE Rabbit Rabbit will be playing a live show at UNITE, 6:00pm - 9:00pm. They will also be showing off some album art. For more details check out the Facebook Event

Due to technical difficulties the show was cancelled. We will keep you up to date on the next show.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Nike SB 2009 Spring Collection Preview

It is a great feat for a corporate giant such as Nike to be so influential in the streetwear culture where independence and rebellion are the common themes. Here we give you a glimpse of what’s to come from the Nike SB camp for the spring of 2009. The collection includes a very wide range of products including tees, belts, mesh caps, beanies, fleece jackets, crew sweaters, wallets, and of course all the Dunks and Blazers. Gotta be patient since these won’t hit stores till early next year.

Nike SB Dunk Mid “Moat” Hyperstrike

The Skatepark of Tampa has gained a great deal of recognition for their annual Pro and Amateur competitions, bringing the best skaters in the business to Florida. During these annual events, they hold a tradition “Moat” race which involves tons of dedication and having a strong stomach. The race takes place in murky Floridian waters complete with diesel run-off and snapping turtles. To celebrate this event, Nike SB has teamed up with Barak Wiser of SPOT to produce a very limited run of 100 Moat Race inspired Dunk Mid’s. The shoes will release at Skatepark of Tampa, April 25th with retail tag of $95 USD.

Keep your eye out in our neck of the woods.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Next Ronaldinho - 8 Year Old Brazilian

Soccer scouts are continuously looking for the next 'great.' Well this kid Bruninho might be it. Watch how this 8 year old smashes his competition. The ball control is fantastic.

Through the years UNITE has attracted some local talent. Not just skaters but artists as well. This is a still shot of Sean Sawicki in the upcoming UNITE film. Photo taken by emerging artist David Nelson-Hospers.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

JAY Z - PART 1 Live at Glastonbury '08

My goodness, who knew Jay Z could play the guitar?

It's already begun: iPhone 3G line starting in New York City

Although it's not the first release and ample supply is expected, a queue has reportedly begun outside of Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store to buy iPhone 3G a full week before its release.

As of mid-afternoon on Friday, a ten-person line has been spotted by Gear Diary along the marble border that surrounds the retail store above ground.

The lineup is acknowledged by both store security and Apple employees, some of whom have already left the store temporarily to talk with those in line. Chairs and other apparel make it clear the early visitors are there for the seven-day wait.

The names of those first in line are unknown, though unlike the queue at the same store last year, the front isn't headed up by well-known line waiter Greg Packer, who regularly queues up early to be the first in line for many high-profile events.

Also unlike last year, however, there exists more of a clear incentive to be first in line at the New York City flagship outlet. With customers required to activate iPhone in-store rather than simply walk out with their purchases, the time spent processing each customer is estimated to take at least 10 minutes -- a process that will slow the line down considerably versus the original launch, in which many customers could buy their handsets and leave in just a fraction of the time.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Not a sample. Just released at a Nike SB retailer in Singapore.Looks like it should be dubbed ‘Marge Simpson’ dunk? Thoughts..

another reason why skateboarding doesn't make sense these days.

it's not that i necessarily love javier sarmiento but for someone to have this much raw talent and board control with a good style and still not have a board sponsor amazes me. for those who understand how difficult skateboarding really is, just imagine some of this shit.

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