Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nike SB Custom Series Volume 3 2009

Inspired by images of 80’s-era skate videos featuring skate sessions on cars, Jon Humphries conceptualized the scene for Nike SB’s Custom Series Volume 3. The roster of skaters for the series were each given free reign on the colorway design of their own sneaker which included Daryl Angel (Dunk Low Premium SB), Clark Hassler (Blazer Low Hybrid Premium), Justin Brock (Dunk Mid Premium SB) and Grant Taylor (Blazer SB Elite). Each skater will also see a t-shirt release alongside the shoes with releases starting in March with Angel and Hassler and ending in April with Brock and Taylor.

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Nike Dunk SB MID Premium - TV Official Release February 2009

This Nike Dunk SB Mid - TV landed at the Pivot Skateshop in Cologne. The Dunk takes inspiration from the Television. At first its near impossible to tell what these Dunk represent but the pixel graphic on the insole does a better job of conveying the message. The Dunk comes in a colorway of cappuccino and silver but the silver parts look more like grey. The silver toebox and the cappuccino sidepanel is made of a material similar to griptape. The swoosh comes with premium leather while the rest of the dunk is made of suede. Check out the pictures for a closer look.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nike SB x Brooklyn Projects Dunk Low Premium March 2009

After a year and a half in the making, the Nike SB dunk low that was colored up by Brooklyn Projects is finally coming out. This multi colored Dunk Low will be a premium version, releasing at few select SB accounts. Brooklyn Projects will drop them this Saturday, Feb 28th (12pm) at all Brooklyn Projects Locations. Select SB accounts like UNITE will have them later in March.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stevie ‘Dread’ Snyder ‘Chicago’ Nike Blazer SB release information March 2009

Following on from Lance Mountain’s offerings last year in the forms of the Blazer Elite and Premium designed with Craig Stecyk, Nike SB is continuing it’s run of Blazers created with input from the living legends of skateboarding.

This time it’s original Alva team rider Stevie ‘Dread’ Snyder. Mr Dread took inspiration from his native Chicago for the colourway and tongue tag and will host the official launch party in the city at Uprise Skateboards, a store he is closely associated with, on February 28th. The Blazers will hit other stores in mid-March.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Nike Dunk Mid SB Sea Crystal Mids Possible Summer 2009 Release

Here’s another look at an upcoming possible summer 09 release, the sea crystal mids. Based on the colorway of the same dunk
high a few years back.


Nike Hypebeast Dunk Low Premium SB Pink/Aqua/Black/Yellow Summer 2009

Here is a look at an upcoming SB possible for summer 2009. Pink / Aqua / Black / Yellow is the colorway.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Nike SB February 2009 Release Optical Blazer Quick Strike

Here’s pics of the February Quickstrike from Nike SB - Its Dubbed the “Optical Illusion” Blazer Premium. The pics include a closeup pic so you can see the fingerprint texture on the suede.
Check out UNITE, they are in stock.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nike SB Dunk Low Premium Angel and Devil February 2009

Having already executed the Angel theme on a set of Air Maxs some years back, Nike decided to add both arch enemies together into an SB Dunk release. The kicks receive Nike’s premium treatment with a nice medley of material choices and special detailing including the Angel/Devil graphic insoles and tag detailing. The kicks are available now at select Nike SB dealers including UNITE.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Nike Sportswear Air Zoom Toki Lux

I know I am getting away from the core mission of this blog. But I couldn't help but show these off. I am definitely rocking these in the spring. I own two pair of Vans Chukka Boots. Now I can have my swoosh and Chukka boot too.

Nike Sportswear introduces the Zoom Toki Lux is a direct hit on the emerging popularity of the chukka style sneakers. The stylish design comes in three colorways (Black, Medium Brown, Blur), all with a little touch of light blue accents. On Feb 13th, first two color tones will be available exclusively at ALIFE (NYC), Bodega (Boston), Darkside (San Francisco), DQM (NYC), Goods (Seattle), HUF (San Francisco), Shoe Gallery (Miami), UNDFTD (LA, Las Vegas, Santa Monica) and both Nike Sportswear stores in LA/NYC while the Blur will only be available through 21 Mercer.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nike SB P-Rod 3 Exclusive Pics via Savage Photography

I am looking forward to seeing what the PROD 3 has in terms of design and comfort.
My first pair of SB's were the hemp PROD's, I shyed away NIKE SB at first due to the lack of sustainable materials.

I am into sustainable materials when choosing my clothing and kicks. I do have the dunk low hemp pack (Green, blue, and red) to further support the idea that I love organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo.

I do buy stuff from Nike's Considered line when the design is good. If you don't know about Nike Considered check out the link.

Currently I am rocking these this winter. They are a considered design that work in the Northeast for the cold winter months of pounding the pavement to get to work.


NSB Member Savage explains below-

“So, today I got the chance to take some photos of Prod skating. It’s amazing seeing a pro in person, haha. After a while, I finally realized that he was skating in his Prod 3’s. These definitely look like the thinnest of his series of pro model shoes. That’s good for some board feel when skating. Still in a non-vulc type of sole. Toecap is a mixture of leather/suede, which has a different, symbolic design. Somewhat symbolic like the cement print on air jordans and other print on safari materials. The swoosh is leather as well. Most of the shoe however is made of suede.”


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nike SB February 2009 Releases

Here is the complete line-up of Nike SB February 2009 releases. This month Nike SB will be releasing a new Dunk Low Pro SB, Dunk Mid Pro SB, P-Rod 2 Zoom Air, Zoom Tre A.D., Zoom Air Harbour and Blazer Premium Low SB.

We don't play favorites here, we just offer opinions. You know what they say about opinions...

We think that the Dunk mid is a solid design. The safe/boring designs are the blazer low and the harbor. It is OK to be be a little bland sometimes, but everyone needs some flair.

Again, the proof is in the pudding. These opinions on the interweb are just from a-holes looking at pics. So get down to your local Nike SB retailer and check them out in person. UNITE is my local shop, and I support them as much as I can. Keep your local shop alive and well by purchasing your kicks from them.

Where would we be without these local guys bringing the culture to our little slices of the universe?

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